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[Ramit Sethi] Call To Action (Copyrighting Course)


How to Use Words to Quickly 2x Your Business

Learn how to craft copy so persuasive, your customers will think you’re reading their mind.



Want to spend 30 minutes on the phone talking about sales copy?

To celebrate the launch of my brand new copywriting course, Call to Action, I’ve decided to do something special. I’m giving away my 3 favorite copywriting books, plus a 30-minute copywriting call. You can ask me questions, get my advice — I’ll even write copy for you right there on the spot.

Strong copy has been the engine of IWT for years. It’s how we’ve grown a list of over 500,000 subscribers, 30,000+ paying customers, and millions in sales every year.

• How to write “hooks” that make it impossible for your readers to look away
• How this one tweak on your website could 10x your opt-in rates (I resisted making this change for years and it has cost me millions!)
• How to use the Desire Map to locate and push your customer’s emotional hot-buttons and have them clamoring to buy your product

How to use the Desire Map to locate and push your customer’s emotional hot-buttons and have them clamoring to buy your product

Review Description

Call to Action made a Significant Difference for my Business

A few months ago I took the Call to Action course from Ramit Sethi and it had a significant impact on my business. I already had experience with many of Ramit’s courses and the amazing results they deliver. When Call to Action opened, I joined immediately. Indeed the course was of the highest quality, something I have come to expect from Ramit’s products. In my experience no one gets even close to the quality of his courses.

Call to Action is a copywriting course focused exactly on the two fundamental concepts your business needs to get right: understanding your customers deeply and communicating effectively the benefits of your products. These are fundamental for any kind of business, freelancing, online business or making apps for the App Store, and across industries.

Call to Action is not a course on starting your business though. As such it does not cover the process of finding a business idea, validating it, promotion and selling your products. If you are looking for something like that, I highly recommend Ramit’s Zero to Launch course instead.

But if you have a business already, Call to Action really helps you improve your business significantly. The course focuses on understanding your market deeply, so you can build the best products and communicate how you can have an impact on the life of your customers. After following Call to Action and applying the concepts to my business I had amazing results and explosive growth.

About Author

Ramit Sethi – New York Times bestselling author and founder of ”I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.


Size: 4.46GB


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[Jim Kwik] Kwik Student – Advanced Study Skills

Author: Jim Kwik

Studying Can Be a Real drag. Make it More Enjoyable and Efficient with these Real World skills.
Work SMARTER with my program Kwik Student! Speed Reading, Memory & Shortcut Study Skills for Better Grades


There’s no such thing as a good or bad mind. Just trained or untrained.

My name is Jim Kwik, and I help people learn quickly. For over two decades, I have served as a mental coach to leaders in education, entertainment, technology, and business.

After a childhood brain injury left me ‘scholastically challenged’, I created strategies to dramatically enhance my mental performance and dedicated my life to helping others unleash their brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

I have addressed international audiences of top achievers from over 80 countries – from students to seniors, entrepreneurs to educators, and celebrities to CEOs. And I’ve shared the speaking stage with many global thought leaders, from Sir Richard Branson to his Holiness Dalai Lama.

My passion and profession is coaching others to unlock their inner genius and live the life they desire and deserve. I will show you practical and powerful tools to focus, remember, read, innovate, and learn with greater speed, fun and ease.

As your coach, I will not only share with you the best skills and ideas to help you take your mental performance to the next level, but I will also be there to support you as you learn and train.

I‘ve taken the exercises, tricks, and techniques I’ve learned through 25 years of trial and error and turned them into a simple system anyone can use. You’ll start feeling the difference in less time than most people spend watching TV on an average weeknight.

I traveled the world giving training like this to top executives, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and thousands of other people. I also teach these kinds of strategies to CEOs and celebrities to help boost their memory and performance.

But my mission is to make these powerful methods widely available – to show everyone they have unbelievable superpowers in them.

Kwik Student teaches you to hone the same advanced techniques we teach to Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Focus on sharpening your memory, learning, and reading abilities with this streamlined and affordable course.

The Human Mind Has An Almost Infinite Potential For Learning And Thinking. Time To Unleash Yours.

Work smarter to eliminate needless stress and frustration. This is a special time in your life, it’s time to enjoy it!

Instead of groaning every time you pull out a textbook, Kwik Student allows you to relish the opportunity to learn new things. By working smarter, you save time and brain power, freeing up your schedule to enjoy all the other perks of being a student, which may or may not be partying 🙂

What Can I Gain From Kwik Student?

• Training That Fits Your Schedule

The program is divided into 30 daily online sessions. For your convenience, you can attend and repeat any of the sessions whenever it fits your schedule. All you need is 15-20 mins a day!

• Learn How to Learn

We were taught WHAT to learn but not HOW to learn. In fact, most students never learn right, so they waste time making the same mistakes over and over again.

• Better Grades with LESS Time and Effort

This is your chance to “pick Jim’s brain” and get all of his best strategies for taking control of your studies, catching up, keeping up, and getting ahead!


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[LetsBuildThatApp] Intermediate Training Core Data [LBTA]


Video Course – 32 Lessons



Why am I Teaching this?

If you’re looking to become an iOS developer or work on Front End Development, you’re going to have to learn how to Create, Read, Update, and Delete objects. These four operations are referred to as CRUD operations in the software development world. Understanding how to pass objects around from screen to screen and perform updates and deletes to the database is an essential skill for any developer.

As a professional developer with experience training interns into wonderful Software Developers, I’ve come up with the perfect amount of lessons to get you up to speed. These fundamental skills are what you need to progress further in your development career.

What is Core Data?

Core Data is one of the most commonly used method for storing data in your iOS applications. The process of saving data for later usage is often referred to as Caching. Benefits you get from implementing Caching in your apps include offline usage, lightning fast display of data without server fetching, organized data structures for optimized code, etc.

Core Data utilizes SQLite to store data inside your app. If you’re familiar with how relational databases work, you’ll understand how quickly Reads, Writes, Updates, and Deletes are processed using this library.

Who this course is for?
  • You want to learn Core Data through practical examples
  • You have struggled with bad instructors and confusing courses online about this subject
  • You need guidance on how to become a professional developer
  • You want to advance your programming skills
  • You want to learn from a Lead Software Engineer with real-world experience


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[Kevin David] Shopify/Drpshipping Ninja Masterclass

Understanding how to do Shopify product research is a key element to being successful creating an online eCommerce store from scratch.


Are You?

Interested in Dropshipping Businesses and want to learn a fantastic way to start earning passive income with one of the best ways to make money online…?

Frustrated because your current Shopify Store just isn’t performing as well as You KNOW it should be…?

Worried about finding a Home-Run Product to Dropship on Shopify…?

Scared you don’t have the Technical Skills to make a FULLY functional eCommerce Business…?

Get Ready to Join the #1 Shopify Family and Start a Sustainable Long Term eCommerce Business TODAY!

Learn how dropshipping works and how you can find the perfect product to sell online. HOW IT CAN BENEFIT?

The Shopify Dropshipping course offers you everything you need to do Shopify product research the right way, and to start building your profitable eCommerce business today!

  • Get step-by-step guidance
  • Learn little-known tips & tricks
  • Fast-track your journey to success by learning from an expert I am excited for you to Join Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Course and guide you to



Here’s what you get when you enroll today.

A lot of courses on the market promise that they will make you rich in an insanely short time doing hardly any work. If this is what you are looking for, then we should probably just part ways now because that is not what The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is all about.

This course is for people who are willing to invest their time and money into building a real, sustainable, scalable business!

The people who will succeed in the future are the people who provide VALUE on Facebook and build a STRONG community to create lifelong customers!

Why should you join Shopify Drop-shipping course?

Here’s what you get when you enroll today.

Complete eCom Training!You Get Unrestricted Access to videos with PROVEN Dropshipping techniques not known to 95%+ of Dropshippers.  These Generate Substantial Income for Many Students With New Training Added Every Month FOREVER…Live Training with Kevin David!

We Have our Live Ninja Training Webinars to Answer Your Questions to Remove ANY Roadblocks to Creating a Massively successful eCommerce store…

And Did We Mention LIVE TRAINING IN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP…? Because That is What you Get With EVERY Ninja Course!ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUPNetwork with Successful Students & Learn New Secrets Directly from Ninja Kevin Himself!



Step By Step Video Tutorials


Hours Of Implementable Strategies


In Depth Modules & 3 Bonuses


How to Create a FREE Facebook™ Ad Funnel Using the Trip Wire Technique + the 6 UNDERUTILIZED Psychological Tricks That Will Instantly Change Your Ads FOREVER!


The Ninja Instagram Blueprint: Exactly How I Use a Few Simple Tricks to Take Advantage of The Highest Most Active Social Media – and How to Use it to Drive Unlimited Profitable & Fanatical BUYERS to Your Business!


How I Use Messenger Bots + Funnels to Instantly Double My Conversion Rates from One Little Known HACK (And How You Can Apply it To YOUR Business Today!)


In Case You Were Curious Who Kevin David Is…


Before I was an Entrepreneur I Worked as a Privacy Consultant at Facebook in Menlo Park, California. I had always dreamed of working at Facebook, but I had Realized that Working 80 Hour Weeks for Someone Else was Not the Life I was Meant to Live… It was at This Time, I Started to Meaningfully Explore Online Sources of Income, So That I Could Free Myself to Travel the World and Live Life on My Own Terms! One Friday Night While Working Late, I Stumbled Across Amazon FBA… One month later, I launched My first Amazon product. After Launching My First Successful Online Business, I Became Obsessed With eCommerce and Making Money Online! I Started Learning How to Market My Businesses and Learned TONS of Facebook advertising Strategies…

In 2017, I Was On a Mission to Create Another Path That Would Allow People to Free Themselves from 9-5 Corporate Slavery. Determined and Driven By Passion THATLifestyleNinja Was Born…

THATLifestyleNinja, Now Has The Largest Facebook Community In The Entire WORLD, and Over 600k Subscribers on Youtube! Having Received Countless Awards; including Being Honored As a ClickFunnel Two Comma Club Member, for Making More Than 1 Million Dollars With Just One Funnel! While all of these accomplishments are exciting, I can honestly say, My Students and The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is The Thing I Am Most proud of in my ENTIRE business career! I am excited for you to join me inside and to help YOU take YOUR BUSINESS to the NEXT LEVEL!!


Size: 9.59GB


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Jordan Mackey – [NEW] Youtube Affiliate Marketing Income Exploder [2020 Edition]


[NEW] Youtube Affiliate Marketing Income Exploder – Make Money On Youtube WITHOUT Monetization [2020 Edition]

Generate Six Figures On Youtube WITHOUT Adsense Monetization or Ads


1.) “Are there any courses I need to take before this one?” Nope, this is a brand new course and there are no courses you need to take before taking this one. This course is for everyone, new students and past students!

2.) “Are Clickbank, JVZoo, and other affiliate marketplaces free to join?” YES, they are all free! It does not cost you any money to do this method!

In 2019 I decided to focus more of my time on Affiliate Marketing, and it has paid off tremendously for me. In 2019 alone I was able to make over $60,000 in affiliate marketing commissions, and the crazy part is I barely put any effort into this part of my business.

For those of you who don’t know, I have three YouTube channels where I copy and re-post videos and earn money with Google Adsense ads. In the past three years I have made over $500,000 with that method. So, in 2019 I decided to leverage those channels to make affiliate marketing commissions as well.

It is as simple as targeting a specific audience in a specific niche, getting traffic through legally copying and re-posting or creating viral YouTube videos, and then strategically matching a product or service with that audience. If you can do that, you can easily explode your commissions!

There are four main problems my students face that this course solves:

1.) Getting monetized on YouTube
2.) Staying monetized on YouTube
3.) Posting “ad-friendly” Content
4.) Adding additional revenue streams to YouTube channels and other online businesses to double your income

You see, I have many students in my “Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos” courses who are getting hundreds of thousands and even millions of views on YouTube with ease, but the problem for them is getting monetized and staying monetized. This means they need another way to monetize their channels and millions of viewers that don’t involve Adsense.

This course will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about making money with your YouTube channels and other online businesses WITHOUT monetization or Google Adsense. You will learn how to do this by using affiliate marketing first and foremost, and you will also learn many other income streams such as sponsorships, building your own stores for your own products such as print on demand, affiliate marketing on Facebook with both free and paid ads, Instagram affiliate marketing, Google website and blog affiliate marketing, and much more.

That is what makes this affiliate marketing method one of the best ways to make money online in 2020. You see, with this method you DO NOT have to worry about getting your YouTube channel monetized, meaning you can start making money right now TODAY with this method and nobody can slow down or stop your earnings!

And because this method does not require getting monetized, it means you can do this method absolutely FOR FREE! It is one of the only businesses you can start online without needing to spend any money whatsoever.

The best part is that since we are not worried about monetizing our channel with Adsense, it does not matter what we post! No more worrying about being demonetized or those annoying YouTube copyright ID and duplication match bots! It is now wide open for you to post whatever you want without any regard for the rules of monetization.

This course has over 6 hours of content, and in this course you will watch over my shoulder and learn step by step EVERYTHING you need to know about affiliate marketing. You will learn about affiliate marketing networks, the best affiliate marketing networks to join and EVERYTHING about them: Including JVZoo, Clickbank, Amazon Associates, Share-A-Sale, AWin, Commission Junction, Avengate, Rakuten and much more, as well as how to join affiliate marketing networks and easily be accepted by them, how to choose high paying and monthly recurring affiliate offers, how to choose offers that sell well, how to get your affiliate links, and most importantly how to get paid by your affiliate networks.

Then you will learn everything you need to know about how to sell those affiliate offers. To do this, one of the best methods is downloading and re-posting videos WITHOUT creating your own videos, and you will learn how you can create your own videos as well. You will learn how to get your videos to go viral to attract audiences in specific niches for products you want to promote as an affiliate. You will learn everything you need to know about how to choose a niche, how to choose and use creative commons and non-creative commons videos, and how to edit videos. You will also learn multiple strategies including downloading and re-posting viral videos in viral niches, creating product review videos, and creating your own products to sell. You will also learn SEO secrets in tags, titles, thumbnails, and other NEW strategies for ranking your YouTube videos and making them go VIRAL.


Course Curriculum

• Module 1: Introduction
• Module 2: Joining And Navigating Your Affiliate Marketing Networks
• Module 3: Strategies For Making Money With This Method
• Module 4: Downloading Videos, Uploading Videos and Scheduling Videos
• Module 5: How To Choose Videos, Niches, And How To Make Videos Go Viral With SEO Secrets
• Module 6: How To Use Affiliate Marketing With Your YouTube Channel And Viral Videos
• Module 7: Other High Ticket Affiliate Offers You Can Start Selling TODAY
• Module 8: Affiliate Marketing Strategies Not Using YouTube
• Module 9: Important Things To Know About Affiliate Marketing
• Module 10: Helpful Resources And Softwares For Affiliate Marketing
• Module 11: Conclusion


Your Instructor

My name is Jordan, also known as Bye 9 to 5. I was a business analyst at a very successfully company and have a Masters Degree in Business Psychology, but I hated my job! So I decided to do something about it. Since that time I have been blessed to be able to say bye to my 9 to 5 with over $500,000 on Youtube through Google Adsense, and over $60,000 with Affiliate Marketing. I have now had over 5,000 students enroll in my courses and I have personally helped hundreds of students make thousands of dollars doing the same things, and it is my goal to help as many people as possible quit their job and live life on their own terms like I have been blessed to be able to do!


Size: 4.24GB


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[A Cloud Guru] AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional 2020


Master your DevOps knowledge by training by becoming a certified AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional with our course.



A note on this course Please note that as of the 17th February AWS has recently decommissioned it’s previous Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam and has officially released a new exam.

In this course we’ll help validate your expertise with DevOps by covering a variety of topics such as provisioning, operating, and managing applications on the AWS platform. By the end of this course, you won’t just be prepared to sit for your AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional exam – you’ll also gain the advanced technical skills needed to become a DevOps subject matter expert.

This course will cover the core concepts for each of the 6 domains outlined in the AWS blueprint including:

  • SDLC Automation
  • Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Policies and Standards Automation
  • Incident and Event Response
  • High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery

We’ll cement your knowledge in these domains by diving deep into individual services and best practices with clear and concise 5–20 minute lessons. Along with real-life examples, practical labs and more, we’ll walk you through each of the major development and operational domains of Amazon Web Services, step by step.

The ideal student for this course is ready to master the next level of the Amazon Web Services ecosystem and has already earned either the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate or AWS Certified Developer Associate.

Keep being awesome, Cloud Gurus!


  • Design and manage continuous delivery systems(CI/CD)and methodologies on AWS
  • Understand, implement, and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation in AWS.
  • Design and implement monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS
  • Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing on the AWS platform
  • Design and maintain tools to automate operational processes


  • AWS Developers and System Administrators looking to confirm their DevOps knowledge
  • Holders of the Associate Developer or SysOps certification looking to expand their knowledge
  • Any keen IT professional wanting to learn more about how the DevOps philosophy can be implemented in the AWS cloud


  • Web Browser
  • AWS Account
  • Computer capable of using the AWS CLI


Nick Triantafillou

Over the past 15 years I have worked as a Cloud Solution Engineer, Cloud Support Engineer, Linux System Administrator and Small Business owner. I am currently working as a technical Instructor at A Cloud Guru, covering DevOps, Linux, Alexa and DeepRacer. My interests include home automation, computer gaming and crossfit.


Size: 1.32GB

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[Marc Zwygart] Holly’s Authority Course – #1 SEO and Marketing Trend in 2020


Marc Zwygart released another course Authority Course #1 SEO and Marketing Trend in 2020. This course will be one of the best SEO strategies you can implement for 2020. Not only are you going to get super high authority backlinks but you can generate leads in ANY niche!


Topics Include


Course Info:


Size: 1.11GB

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[A Cloud Guru] AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020


Learn the major components of Amazon Web Services, and prepare for the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam – one of the industry’s most in-demand certifications!



AWS Certified Solutions Architect is among the most valuable and highly sought after cloud computing certifications in the world today We designed this cloud architect certification training for anyone seeking to learn the major components of Amazon Web Services (AWS). By the end of the course, you’ll be prepared to pass the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam. The AWS certification is a must-have for any IT professional, with average salaries above $100,000 USD. A certificate in AWS Cloud technology can boost your salary up to 26 percent, and the average salary for certified IT professionals is, on average, 11.7 per cent higher than those without.

We’ll start with a broad overview of the AWS platform. No programming knowledge is needed, and no prior AWS experience required. Even if you have never logged into the AWS platform before, you’ll build the foundations to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam after completing our certification training.

We know that you’re busy, so our training course is made up of 5-20 minute videos that can be viewed at your convenience. Our video lessons keep-it-simple and explain things clearly and succinctly. Together we’ll walk you through each of the major areas of Amazon Web Services, step by step. Using real life examples, we will practice how to effectively design and manage application infrastructure using AWS. At the end of each section, we’ll also test your knowledge with short quizzes to make sure you’ll be ready for the exam.

Not only will we cover the fundamentals of AWS architectural principles and services, we will also deep dive into each of the individual elements: IAM, S3, Cloudfront, Storage Gateway, Snowball, EC2, Cloudwatch, CLI, Lambda, Route 53, RDS, Dynamo DB, Redshift, ElastiCache, Aurora, VPC, SQS, SNS, Elastic Transcoder, Kinesis, API Gateway and so on.

AWS is constantly evolving their platform. We will continuously update this course with new content so you will never have to worry about missing out or failing the AWS certification test because of new content.

The ideal student for this course is ready to quickly break into cloud computing. You don’t have hours to spend on training. We get you up to speed in half the time as other certification courses. The course will help you prepare for a position as a qualified AWS solutions architect.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently take the associate-level AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam, and earn one of the highest paying certifications in the industry.


Ryan Kroonenburg

I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect & AWS Certified Developer, working in London for one of the largest managed service providers in Europe/US. I am ex-Rackspace and have been working exclusively in the cloud space since it’s inception. I have 17 years experience in IT in total and I am fluent across both Windows and Linux platforms. I love being a cloud geek and have decided to take it to the next level by becoming an online educator. My courses are all cloud based and will be aimed to accommodate both absolute beginners, as well professionals. I always start with the basics and by the end of my courses you will be proficient as a Cloud Guru. Feel free to add me on Linked In.


  • You will gain the knowledge to pass one of the Top IT certifications in the industry
  • You will become intimately familiar with the AWS Platform
  • You will learn to design highly resilient and scaleable websites on AWS
  • AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary
  • Existing Solutions Architects
  • Programmers interested in deploying applications on AWS
  • A computer (Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • You will need to set up an AWS Account (you can use the free tier for this course)


Size: 3.61GB

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[Agora Financial] Jim Rickards Intelligence Triggers


Author: Jim Rickards
Language: English


Hi, Jim Rickards here…

Right Now I’m going to introduce you to a true breakthrough.

It’s my simple, proprietary timing indicator that even a 6-year old child could instantly spot.

I call it the “Kissinger Cross” – named after Henry Kissinger, the former Secretary of State. I’ll explain why I’ve named this indicator in his honor in a moment…

And while Henry Kissinger hasn’t endorsed what you’re about to see, spotting these “Kissinger Crosses” in the financial markets can hand-deliver you THREE big advantages over every other investor:

– First, you could be able to see the biggest and fastest potential investment gains — months before they happen…
– Second, you can routinely get the chance to capture repeatable gains as high as 1,616%…
– And third, you could make up to 16x your money in a way that can be safer than how most people trade stocks.
– Jim Rickards’ Intelligence Triggers helps readers harness national intelligence analysis techniques to profit from market uncertainty.

Your editor will be Jim Rickards, best selling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money. He’s spent over 35 years in investment banking, international economics, political and national intelligence advisory roles.

He’s a thought-leader in the application of intelligence analysis techniques complexity theory, Bayesian technique and causal inference to financial markets.

Jim observes economic and current events developments to comes up with what the intelligence community calls “indications and warnings” or “I&W”. The national security circles, I&W is used

In Rickards’ Intelligence Triggers, Jim uses I&W as market signposts. These signposts help his readers narrow down likely financial outcomes in the future… and position their investments profitably ahead of time.

Then, Jim continues monitoring the data and strategic and geopolitical developments to update on those investment as the landscape changes.

Until now, Rickards has only provided this kind of market intelligence service to his high net-worth clients and members of the U.S. national security community.

But with Rickards’ Intelligence Triggers, you too will have the opportunity to hear his I&W and best investment ideas on a bi-weekly basis.

He’ll reveal the intelligence triggers that could set off the next collapse or big market move and alert you to specific investment recommendations and wealth protection strategies that will help you grow your wealth.


Size: 855MB

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How Profitable Is Dropshipping?

How Profitable Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of supply chain management involving the purchase of inventory from a third party as and when needed. In other words, it’s a retail fulfillment method where a seller purchases inventory from the wholesalers or the manufacturer to fulfill orders as and when they arrive. Unlike the traditional retail model, the seller or the merchant doesn’t own products in stock. The seller directs the third party supplier to ship the products directly to the customer.

While Dropshipping is a popular trend in the eCommerce segment, it’s not a method that boosts sales. Although you can make some quick money as a third-party seller, it’s not as effective as the conventional retail model.

However, if you understand the method in and out and approach it in the right way, it can prove beneficial for your business. To give you a fair understanding, opting only for dropshipping will not get your business going. However, for an established business, this method can complement your business well.

A typical flow of how dropshipping works in the eCommerce world

Choosing Dropshipping On Shopify

This order fulfillment method is available on Shopify in two ways. You can either choose a supplier database or opt for an online marketplace that connects you to numerous suppliers across several regions.

The latter has Oberlo by Shopify. It’s an online marketplace that helps you access millions of products and add them directly to your Shopify store. Oberlo handles the packaging and shipping of products without the need for you to keep stock of inventory. The application is connected to your Shopify store, and you can start selling immediately. The suppliers keep inventory, undertake the packaging, and the shipping of products on your behalf.

Once a customer places an order for a product, all you need to do is check the details and click the order button.

Surprising Facets Of Dropshipping In The Current Scenario

Of late, there are numerous debates saying that dropshipping is reaching its culmination point. But, that’s not the case, and the eCommerce procedure has only reformed the way it works. While there were only a couple of sellers a few years back, there are a whole lot of wholesalers engaging actively in this retail segment.

Dropshipping stores that prioritize customers and attend to their distinct needs are more thriving than others. Though they keep some percentage of profit, they help customers by delivering goods on time while also making it easy to get refunds in case of return of goods.

Here are some strong points that instill the fact that dropshipping is thriving now and into the future:

  • eCommerce activities across the world has tremendously increased
  • People are increasingly buying online
  • There’s a 7% increase every year in eCommerce activities over the last 10 years
  • There’s nearly a 30% increase in conversion rates via online shopping
  • Merchants the world over have clearly understood the concept and are looking ahead to leverage its advantages
  • Online payments and refunds are easy and seamless
  • The concept perfectly complements online marketing campaigns

Speaking of whether this revolutionary retail platform is thriving or not, the proof lies in checking the trend on Google. Barring a slight dip last year, it’s going strong and is becoming more popular in the eCommerce domain. For example, while only AliExpress was the sole leader in the dropshipping methodology, several other wholesalers and suppliers have joined in.

While there are other eCommerce platforms like Big Commerce who offer drop shipping facility, Shopify is way ahead with an extensive and elaborate network of elite businesses and entrepreneurs with over 85 million products sold so far.

Benefits Of Dropshipping

  • You need very less capital to start
  • Without the need to deal with physical products, its extremely easy to start
  • No stocking inventory means very low overhead expenses
  • With an internet connection and a network of suppliers, it very flexible to start from anywhere
  • You can have the widest selection of products to sell
  • With suppliers processing orders, its very easy to measure your growth

Drawbacks Of Dropshipping

  • Easy to get started and low overhead costs also mean low margins of profit
  • Keeping track of inventory is difficult since other merchants are also involved with the supplier, leading to an inventory change on a daily basis
  • Items that are available from different suppliers can cause shipping complexities
  • Suppliers often make errors but the blame is your to take
  • There’s very limited control over customization and branding due to the lack of inventory at your disposal

Starting Dropshipping On Shopify

  • First, get a Shopify account to get going
  • Set up a Shopify store
  • Add sales channels
  • Choose the products and start adding to your store via Oberlo, Spocket, or Mxed