[PacktPub] The Ultimate HTML Developer 2020 [Video]


Kalob Taulien
April 30, 2020

6 hours 40 minutes

Learn HTML and HTML 5 from scratch and get started as a web developer
  • Get up to speed with the most modern version of HTML – HTML 5
  • Discover what XHTML is and how to work with it
  • Understand the structure behind every website
  • Get to grips with CSS
  • Work with the new HTML 5 semantic tags
About HTML is the structure behind every web page and it’s impossible to create a website without using it, including mobile websites and cross-platform compatible HTML 5 applications. This course will guide you through learning HTML 5 effectively in a practical manner, with plenty of examples.

You’ll begin with an introduction to HTML, before covering different elements, attributes, and doctypes in HTML. Next, you’ll get to grips with Internal and Relative links and then go on to understanding the concepts of Block elements and Inline elements. As you progress, you’ll gain insights into tables, rows, and cells, and learn how to merge both cells and columns to create an effective page layout. A dedicated section will also focus on Advanced HTML topics, such as Inline CSS and Internal and External CSS files. In addition to this, you’ll delve into topics such as meta tags, head elements, favicons, and asset pathing. Finally, the course will help you work through two projects that will give you hands-on experience in working with HTML and designing web pages.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with HTML and have developed the skills you need to create robust websites.

All codes and supporting files are placed at –

  • Develop your skills in creating websites using HTML 5
  • Learn Advanced HTML concepts such as asset pathing and favicons
  • Work through interesting projects to get hands-on experience in working with HTML
Course Length 6 hours 40 minutes
ISBN 9781800565197
Date Of Publication 30 Apr 2020


Size: 2.08GB


[PacktPub] PHP Crash Course: Learn PHP in 90 Minutes [Video]


Kalob Taulien
April 27, 2020

1 hour 16 minutes

Learn PHP in less than 90 minutes with this fast-paced PHP guide
  • Gain useful insights into PHP and how it works
  • Understand how to write robust PHP code
  • Delve into the fundamentals used in PHP such as variables, constants, data types, and loops
  • Explore the different operators and statements used in PHP such as conditional if, switch, and else
About This PHP course is designed to get you started quickly with the fundamentals of PHP and using PHP to write code. While the course features detailed concepts, its organized structure and concise explanations ensure rapid yet effective learning.

In an interactive style, the course demonstrates the installation of PHP on your computer. After this, you’ll be on your way to creating a robust PHP file. Gradually, you’ll gain insights into what PHP is, the different PHP users, and their purpose for using the language. The course later progresses to covering the fundamentals that will help you in learning other programming languages. This includes variables, constants, data types, loops, multidimensional arrays, functions, super global variables, and forms.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with PHP and be equipped with the skills you need to write clean PHP code.

  • Get up to speed with writing PHP code and explore basic concepts of PHP and its uses
  • Understand how to use fundamentals such as variables, data types, and strings to create projects
  • Work with arrays, loops, statements, and operators to simplify the code in PHP and other languages
Course Length 1 hour 16 minutes
ISBN 9781800562004
Date Of Publication 27 Apr 2020


Size: 1.02GB


[PacktPub] Learn Blockchain by Building Your Own in JavaScript [Video]


Eric Traub
February 28, 2020

7 hours 51 minutes

Develop your own blockchain and decentralized network using the JavaScript programming language
More Information

  • Build a consensus algorithm so that all the nodes in a network have the same data
  • Create a proof of work to secure your blockchain network
  • Mine new blocks and secure them in the blockchain
  • Understand how transactions are created and made immutable inside a block
  • Find out how block explorers work and how to access your new blockchain through a block explorer
  • Discover how blockchain and cryptocurrency addresses retain a value amount
  • Get to grips with how new blocks are broadcasted to the entire blockchain network and how the data inside the blockchain network is kept consistent across all the nodes
  • Understand how to develop important blockchain features
About In this course, you will learn how to build your own blockchain and decentralized blockchain network by using the JavaScript programming language. By developing your own blockchain, you will discover the working of blockchain technology and how decentralized blockchain networks function. In addition to this, you’ll get to grips with how the code behind these technologies works, along with exploring why blockchain is a secure and valuable technology.

As you progress, this course will help you understand why decentralization is an important feature for securing the blockchain. To build on your knowledge, you’ll get up to speed with the whole process of storing, securing, and validating data/transactions on the blockchain. The course covers ES6 code to ensure that you grasp the fundamental concepts effectively.

By the end of this course, you will have built your own blockchain prototype in code.

All codes and supporting files are available at-

  • Build your own fully functional blockchain prototype
  • Learn how the code behind blockchain technology works
  • Discover why blockchain technology is a secure option for storing data
  • Understand how a decentralized blockchain network functions
Course Length 7 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781800209664
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2020
Size: 3.19GB

[PacktPub] Git and GitHub: The Complete Git and GitHub Course [Video]


George Lomidze
March 27, 2020

3 hours 4 minutes

Learn Git and GitHub from scratch with this comprehensive course
More Information

  • Discover how to undo changes using git checkout, git revert, and git reset
  • Create your first local repository
  • Learn how to check the history of your project
About If you create websites, web applications, or mobile apps, or write any code, using a version control system is essential. This course will help you get to grips with one of the most widely used version control systems popular among professional developers and designers. Git allows you to record and recall different versions of your project, and GitHub enables you to share your code with the world, allowing you to collaborate with other developers.

Starting with Git installation, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Git. You’ll then grasp the basics of the terminal, create your first local repository, and save different versions of the project as snapshots using commits. You’ll discover how to check the previous versions of your project, update them, or even delete them with git checkout, git revert, and git reset. Once you’ve covered the basics of GitHub, you’ll get to grips with creating a repository on GitHub, connecting the local repository to a remote one, making commits, and much more. You’ll work with branching, and learn how to deal with branches locally as well as remotely. The course covers different methods to merge branches and deal with merge conflicts, and delves into forking and contributing. You’ll see how you can copy someone else’s remote repository on your GitHub account, clone it to your local computer, and contribute to the original project. Finally, you’ll explore how to collaborate on GitHub by setting up a collaboration team and defining rules for collaborators.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available here:

  • Get well-versed with the fundamentals of Git
  • Explore the basics of GitHub
  • Learn the concepts of forking and contributing
Course Length 3 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781800204003
Date Of Publication 27 Mar 2020


Size: 658MB


[PacktPub] Understanding Regression Techniques [Video]


March 24, 2020

7 hours 10 minutes

Explore the fundamentals of linear regression, logistic regression, and count model regression in an intuitive and non-mathematical way
  • Understand the concept of regression
  • Build logistic regression models
  • Interpret regression results
  • Build linear regression models
  • Build count models
  • Visualize the results
About Linear and logistic regressions are among the first set of algorithms you’ll study to get started on your journey in data science.

This course explores three basic regressions—linear, logistic, and count model. Starting with linear regressions, you’ll first understand the difference between simple and multiple linear regressions and explore different types of variables, including binary, categorical, and quadratic. Once you’ve got to grips with the fundamentals, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to solve a case study. As you advance, you’ll explore logistic regression models and cover variables, non-linearity tests, prediction, and model fit. Finally, you’ll get well-versed with count model regression.

By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to investigate correlations between multiple variables using regression models.

All the codes and supporting files for this course will be available at-

  • Understand the normality and independence of residuals
  • Explore both graphical and non-graphical tests for non-linearity in logistic regression models
  • Get to grips with count tables, their risk, and incidence rate ratio
Course Length 7 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781800200197
Date Of Publication 24 Mar 2020


Size: 3.08GB


[PacktPub] The Complete 2020 Ethereum and Solidity Developer Bootcamp [Video]


Ravinder Deol, Thomas Wiesner
January 31, 2020

5 hours 20 minutes

Develop a blockchain notary office on Ethereum and learn all about Solidity, Remix, Ganache, Geth, Metamask, and Truffle
  • Explore the tools needed to create smart contracts
  • Discover how to prevent costly bugs that result from blockchain programming errors
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technologies
  • Write a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain and publish and interact with it
  • Install, configure, and use the Truffle framework and understand how a Truffle contract is different from Web3js
About The Complete 2020 Ethereum & Solidity Developer Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to get started with building applications and implementing self-enforcing business logic in smart contracts. This course will help you learn everything there is to know about Solidity and understand the big picture of the blockchain industry with a balance of theory and practical experience.

You’ll not only learn the fundamentals of Solidity but also get to grips with its safe handling and best practices. This course avoids extensive theory by giving you a direct lab entry where you’ll learn by doing. With the help of HD video lessons, this bootcamp will take you through creating, testing, and troubleshooting. You’ll then learn how to use smart contracts in different scenarios and browsers. The course demonstrates how a blockchain application is created from scratch, and together with your instructor, you’ll develop a blockchain notary office, test it, and deploy it to different networks.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at –

  • Understand the types of blockchains and discover potential use cases for blockchain technology
  • Develop a complete understanding of Ethereum networks and clients (Geth, Parity, and Ganache)
  • Learn how to install Truffle and check out a standard Truffle project
Course Length 5 hours 20 minutes
ISBN 9781800201019
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2020


Size: 5.74GB


[PacktPub] JavaScript Essentials for Modern Web Development [Video]


Dimitris Loukas
January 24, 2020

3 hours 55 minutes

Create dynamic and interactive web apps using JavaScript
  • Catch bugs early by learning about complex concepts that cause errors
  • Take full advantage of JavaScript’s single thread to optimize your code’s execution time
  • Utilize ES6 classes to work better with prototypal inheritance
  • Improve your skills to handle objects with property descriptors
  • Write side-effects-free, functional JavaScript code
  • Refactor old codebases that use callbacks and utilize async/await to maximize code readability
  • Use spawn multiple child processes and web workers to delegate time-consuming operations
  • Use NodeJS Process Manager to efficiently work with multiple services
About If you look at almost any web application, it is powered by JavaScript or one of its very popular frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue; but JavaScript continues to be a complex language with a steep learning curve and some areas that even seasoned developers struggle with. This is a practical course with a purpose to provide clarity in areas of the language that are the hardest to understand. You will learn the most important, and also the most commonly-used, language features in a fast-paced learning environment.

You will gain mastery over topics like functional and asynchronous programming, along with module loaders, and package registries. You will transpile code with Babel to support as many browsers as possible. You will spawn child processes and work with web workers to build modern, fast and scalable web applications with JavaScript, both on the server and the browser.

On completion of this course, you will have upgraded your JavaScript skills to the next level while stepping up to become a JavaScript expert. You will be able to code fluently on both the front-end and the back-end while following either the object-oriented or the functional approach.

Please note that prior knowledge of JavaScript and some experience with Node.js are assumed for taking this course.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at

  • Expand your knowledge on a wide range of JavaScript features and earn the badge of a JavaScript expert
  • Write clean asynchronous code while leveraging promises, async/await, child processes and web workers
  • Build a solid foundation in functional programming with JavaScript and write cleaner code that is not just easier to read but also performs at peak levels.
Course Length 3 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781838982676
Date Of Publication 24 Jan 2020


Size: 1.11GB


[PacktPub] Mobile Game Development with Unity 3D 2019 [Video]


Raja Biswas
March 28, 2019

2 hours 5 minutes

Create profitable and engaging mobile apps with Unity 3D 2019
More Information

  • Build and run an Android game on your Android Mobile
  • Design Responsive UI for your Games
  • Understand the vast possibilities of a Unity 3D game for mobile
  • Create and publish an Endless Dodging Game for Android Play Store
  • Detect collisions, receive user input, and create player movements with Unity 3D
  • Add special effects and finish the game and submit it to an Android device for testing.
  • Create beautiful, interactive content for Android devices with the Unity.
About The global gaming industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with the mobile platform now taking the lead. NewZoo estimates that mobile games will generate over $70 billion in revenue, accounting for 51% of gaming revenue across all platforms. Mobile is the fastest growing platform, with over 10 years of double-digit growth. Unity Technologies is helping to foster this growth, by providing a free and user-friendly environment to create elegant games in. According to Unity Technologies, in 2016, 34% of the top 1000 free mobile games were created in Unity – more than any other non-proprietary engine. Compared to other engines, Unity provides easy portability to both iOS and Android, allowing for mass dissemination of a mobile game.You’ll create your own adventure game using animations while fine-tuning your C# programming skills with intermediate concepts like class inheritance, abstract classes, and interfaces! You’ll utilize the Singleton design manager to create powerful manager classes that help delegate actions in your game.By the end of this course, you will have experience with the complete mobile game development to testing! You will have a fully finished, downloadable game to add to your portfolio if you are pursuing mobile development professionally!You will leave this course with confidence in their ability to utilize the latest and greatest game development techniques and will be able to create, and publish their own unique Android mobile games!

Style and ApproachThis video will have a step by step practical tutorial approach. The video will in help you creating Unity 3D game. This course will be a one stop guide to building games with Unity 3D 2019.

  • All inclusive guide to Mobile game development with Unity 2019.
  • Take your game development skills to the next level by developing games with Unity 3D 2019
  • Your one stop guide to building games with Unity 3D
Course Length 2 hours 5 minutes
ISBN 9781838559939
Date Of Publication 28 Mar 2019


Size: 463MB


[PacktPub] Project-Based Python Programming For Kids and Beginners [Video]


Minerva Singh
December 31, 2019

5 hours 0 minutes

Learn Python programming by developing robust GUIs and games
  • Build simple Python-based games using programming loops and functions
  • Draw graphics using the Python module Turtle
  • Develop Python graphical user interfaces with Tkinter
  • Understand how to work with Python 2 and 3
  • Use the in-built Python modules for your projects
  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio Code-a powerful IDLE for programming and development in Python and other languages
About Coding for beginners and kids is now made exciting and easy. Learn to code fun games, graphics and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in Python, one of the most powerful programming languages known for its speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use. The Python coding language integrates well with other platforms and runs on almost all modern devices. This OSI-approved open-source language allows free use and distribution (including commercial distribution).

This course helps you delve into the graphics and UX (user experience) aspects of Python. You’ll get up to speed with this computer language in a hands-on manner by drawing shapes, coding a simple game, and designing GUIs (graphical user interfaces), including a functional GUI for a temperature converter app. The course will also guide you through analyzing scientific and statistical data. As you advance, you’ll get to grips with developing educational software. In addition to this, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into accessing and organizing databases, along with understanding how to manage networks.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with using not only Python 2 but Python 3 as well for designing immersive games and developing interactive applications and websites.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at –

  • Learn the basics of Python game programming
  • Develop intuitive and efficient Python GUIs
  • Create simple yet practical applications in Python
Course Length 5 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781800204782
Date Of Publication 31 Dec 2019


Size: 1.05 GB


[PacktPub] Transform Client’s Brief into Actual Web Design Successfully [Video]


Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz
January 31, 2020

1 hour 50 minutes

A practical guide with systematic steps and tips for web designers and developers on how to convert a client’s brief into an optimized website
More Information

  • Learn from competitors’ analysis and gain inspiration
  • Overcome various collaboration problems
  • Understand how to effectively deliver your web design project
  • Explore performance issues, image optimization, and lazy loading tips
  • Discover how to provide after-sales services to your clients
About This course is designed to get you hands-on with practical web design. If you’re unsure of how to effectively handle and deliver a web design project, the course will guide you through everything from understanding the client’s brief and gaining inspiration through to converting the client’s specifications and your design inspiration into actual web design.

You’ll start by reading and interpreting the client’s web design brief. Next, you will learn from competitors’ analysis and gain inspiration. As you progress, you’ll get to grips with how to set up the design direction for your web design project, before going on to explore how you can improve your website design with time. All along, the course focuses on the whole process, with the instructor giving useful insights into his last two web design projects from start to finish. In addition to this, he also shares the tools, tips and techniques he uses to deliver web design projects successfully.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to effectively interpret your client’s brief and take it through to completion, designing robust websites.

  • Read and interpret a client’s web design brief and specifications
  • Understand how to decide the design direction for your web design project
Course Length 1 hour 50 minutes
ISBN 9781800204911
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2020


Size: 0.99GB