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Performance Testing Course With JMeter And Blazemeter

You will learn the basics of performance testing using today’s most popular tools while following a widely-used method

Created by Federico Toledo, Lucia Lavagna, Sebastián Loreno

What you’ll learn

Understand the basics of Performance testing
Automate scripts and run tests with JMeter
Create and run load tests with BlazeMeter

Course content

Module 1- Introduction to Performance Testing
What is performance testing about?
Factory Acceptance Testing of Pedestrian Bridge: 8-Ton Load Test
How can JMeter help us with performance testing?
Basic concepts on automation and load simulation
Introduction to HTTP
Debugging with Fiddler
First look at JMeter’s interface
Main building blocks
Recording a Script with JMeter
Analyzing the Script
+Module 2- JMeter Basics
+Module 3- JMeter advanced
+Module 4 – Performance Testing from the Cloud


  • There are no requirements, we will provide the links to download the tools throughout the course


In order to optimize a web or mobile application, or to assist with the sizing of the infrastructure required for it to function properly, we need to prepare and execute load simulations using the proper tools.

That’s what performance testing is about. In this course you will learn the basics of performance testing using today’s most popular tools while following a widely-used methodology. For this aim, we use JMeter (the most popular open-source load simulation tool) and BlazeMeter (the most used cloud-based load simulation solution) together.

In this course, you will start from the very beginning, learning the basics and by the end, you will be able to come up with a load execution, simulating concurrent users from different countries, who access with different bandwidths, with different test data, verifying the response times and resource consumption of a real e-commerce application (a very common, real-world example of the use of a load test).

✓ Introduction to Performance Testing Concepts
✓ Automation and preparation of load tests in JMeter
✓ Execution in BlazeMeter

The main concepts of the course are taught via a series of videos and texts. Most of the videos include demos and examples using the tools. A highly practical course, all the lessons require the student to try the tools and accomplish challenges and tasks.

Who this course is for:

  • Testers and developers who want to learn how to automate scripts with JMeter
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Learn JMeter (Latest 5.1)

JMeter for Performance & API Testing

What you’ll learn

Performance & API Testing using JMeter

Course content

Expand all 27 lectures06:39:06
+JMeter Installations on Windows & Mac
2 lectures09:33
+JMeter Elements & First JMeter Test
2 lectures18:01
+Assertions in JMeter
1 lecture39:28
+Listeners in JMeter
1 lecture27:33
+Timers in JMeter
1 lecture16:32
+Logic Controllers in JMeter
6 lectures01:11:25
+How to create a Database Test Plan (Load Test on Database)
2 lectures32:41
+How to run JMeter from Command Line (non GUI mode) & view results
2 lectures21:50
+How to test FTP upload and download (FTP Request Sampler)
1 lecture10:28
+JMeter PreProcessor & PostProcessor
1 lecture10:37
+JMeter Plugins Manager
1 lecture07:22
1 lecture16:29
+API/Webservices Testing using JMeter
1 lecture40:41
+Parameterization in JMeter
1 lecture24:05
+Functions & Variables in JMeter
1 lecture22:11
+Templates in JMeter
1 lecture09:40


No special knowledge is required


  • JMeter is most popular and open source performance testing tool. Also JMeter can be used to perform API testing.
  • In this course you will learn JMeter from scratch and how to perform performance testing and API testing.
  • After this course you can work with JMeter for personal and enterprise projects.

Topics Covered:

1) Overview on Performance Testing

2) Introduction &  Usage of JMeter

3) How to install JMeter on Windows

4) How to install JMeter on Mac

5) JMeter Elements (Thread Group,Sampleres,Listeners & Configuration)

6) First JMeter Test

7) Assertions in JMeter

8) Listeners in JMeter

9) Timers in JMeter

10) Logic Controllers – Loop Controller

11) Logic Controllers – Recording Controller

12) Logic Controllers – Simple,Module & Include Controllers

13) Logic Controllers – Random & Random Order Controllers

14) Logic Controllers – Interleave Controller

15) Logic Controllers- Throughput Controller (Build a Distributed Load Test)

16) How to create a JDBC Test Plan(Load Test on Database)

17) How to create assertions for JDBC Test Plan(Load Test on Database)

18) How to run jmeter from Command Line (non GUI mode) & view results

19) How to create HTML Reports from command line(non GUI mode)

20) How to test FTP upload and download( FTP Request Sampler)

21) JMeter PreProcessor & PostProcessor

22) JMeter Plugins Manager

23) Correlation with Regular Expression Extractor

24) API Webservices testing in JMeter

25) Parameterizaton/Working with CSV file

26) Functions & Variables

27) Templates in JMeter


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Jmeter