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Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer



Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Shows How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle

Writing With Flair: How To Become An Exceptional Writer


  • A notepad and pen, or computer for writing exercises


  • The bestselling writing course on Udemy…
  • Taught by a former editor at The Wall Street Journal, and ex-contributor to The EconomistFinancial Times and Bloomberg News…
  • Shani Raja is a professional editor who has trained dozens of prominent journalists in the craft of writing…


These elite skills will help:

  • Make your business writing outshine that of your peers
  • Make your sales prospects instantly ‘get’ your product
  • Attract more loyal readers to your blogs and books
  • Get more clicks (and conversions) on your website
  • Get your CV to the top of the must-see interview pile
  • Make your essays the slickest in your class



You too will discover:

  • How to be super-economical with words
  • How to avoid repeating yourself unnecessarily
  • How to stop making simple ideas sound complex
  • How to write in plain English
  • How to tell when you’re saying too much
  • How to steer clear of weak or redundant words
  • How to keep sentences active and express ideas more powerfully
  • How to chop away sentence clutter
  • How to avoid jargon and clichés
  • How to make crisp distinctions between contrasting ideas
  • How to avoid mixing up time elements
  • How to strategically use words like “it” and “they” and “this and “that”
  • How to add consistency using a journalistic technique called house style
  • How to present your writing ultra-professionally
  • How to avoid what journalists call word echoes
  • How to keep ideas neat and parallel
  • How to create an elegant narrative structure

These are just some of the writing tricks that make great journalistic writing so slick. You’re about to learn them too–in as little as a few days if you choose to make this investment in your career today.




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Unit Testing for C# Developers

Unit Testing for C# Developers

Master unit testing C# code with NUnit and Moq: all about dependency injection, best practices and pitfalls to avoid.


Picture this: you make a simple change to the code and suddenly realize that you created a dozen unexpected bugs. Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

Good news is, unit testing can make this a thing of the past.

Maybe you’ve heard of automated or unit testing before and you’re keen to learn more.

Or perhaps you’ve tried to learn it and got a bit lost or ended up with fat and fragile tests that got in the way and slowed you down.

Either way, what you need is a course that will teach you all you need to know about this essential skill – from the basics, right through to mastery level.

What is unit testing?

In a nutshell: it’s the practice of writing code to test your code and then run those tests in an automated fashion.

Why learn unit testing?

Why write extra code? Wouldn’t that take extra time to write? Would that slow you down? Why not just run the application and test it like an end user?

Thinking like this is the mistake lots of people make. I used to make it myself. I’ve had to learn the hard way!

I learned pretty fast that if you’re building a complex application or working on a legacy app, manually testing all the various functions is tedious and takes a significant amount of time.

As your application grows, the cost of manual testing grows exponentially. And you’re never 100% sure if you’ve fully tested all the edge cases. You’re never confident that your code really works until you release your software and get a call from your boss or an end user!

Several studies have shown that the later a bug is caught in the software development lifecycle, the more costly it is to the business.

Automated tests help you to catch bugs earlier in the software development lifecycle, right when you’re coding. These tests are repeatable. Write them once and run them over and over.

The benefits of using unit tests are:

  • help you to catch and fix bugs earlier, before releasing your app into production
  • help you to write better code with less bugs
  • help you to produce software with better design – extensible and loosely-coupled
  • give you rapid feedback and tell you if your code *really* works
  • force you to think of edge cases that you didn’t realize existed
  • test your code much faster
  • tell if you have broken any functionality as you write new code
  • allow you to refactor your code with confidence
  • act as documentation about what your code does
  • save you both time and money

A valuable skill for senior developers

More and more companies are recognizing the advantages of automated testing, that’s why it’s a must-have for senior coders. If you’re looking to reach the higher levels in your coding career, this course can help.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of automated testing. You only need 3 months of experience programming in C#.

With this course you’ll learn:

  • senior coder secrets – best practices to write great unit tests
  • tips and tricks to keep your tests clean, trustworthy and maintainable
  • the pitfalls to avoid – anti-patterns
  • how to refactor legacy, untestable code into loosely-coupled and testable code
  • all about dependency injection – the one thing every coder needs to know
  • the power of mocks – when and how to use them and when to avoid

You’ll get:

  • 6 hours of HD video
  • tutorials and guidance from a senior coder with 15+ years’ experience
  • exercises with step-by-step solution
  • downloadable source code
  • lifetime access
  • access online or offline at any time on any device
  • certificate of completion to present to your current or prospective employer
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to build better quality software with fewer bugs
  • Any developers who want to transition to the senior level

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UiPath – RPA Robotic Process Automation

UiPath – RPA Robotic Process Automation

Learn the top RPA tool and automate your first process!


If you’re not learning robotic process automation, or, RPA, right now… you’re already behind.

Much in the same way physical robots have been rapidly replacing industrial, blue-collar jobssoftware robots will be replacing a high percentage of white collar jobs… sooner than you think.

THAT is “robotic process automation”.

In this 5-star course I’ll provide you with a the most critical UiPath skills for robotic process automation work including:

  • Installation
  • Orientation
  • Structure (Flowchart vs. Sequence)
  • Control Flow (Decisions, Loops, Switches)
  • Error Handling with Try/Catch
  • Automating Excel, Word, and PDF interactions
  • Automating Email & Attachments
  • Decomposing a process into reusable sub-components
  • Debugging Skills

My goal is to help you get up and running with UIPath processes and best practices faster than any other method, so you can start saving time & money at your company, and level up your career!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to improve their chances of getting and keeping a white collar job in the near future
  • Test automation engineers who want to make a larger impact and increase earning potential
  • Business leaders who want to automate operations
  • Anyone wanting to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency by automating common business tasks




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Zero to Deep Learning™ with Python and Keras

Zero to Deep Learning™ with Python and Keras

Understand and build Deep Learning models for images, text and more using Python and Keras


This course is designed to provide a complete introduction to Deep Learning. It is aimed at beginners and intermediate programmers and data scientists who are familiar with Python and want to understand and apply Deep Learning techniques to a variety of problems.

We start with a review of Deep Learning applications and a recap of Machine Learning tools and techniques. Then we introduce Artificial Neural Networks and explain how they are trained to solve Regression and Classification problems.

Over the rest of the course we introduce and explain several architectures including Fully Connected, Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks, and for each of these we explain both the theory and give plenty of example applications.

This course is a good balance between theory and practice. We don’t shy away from explaining mathematical details and at the same time we provide exercises and sample code to apply what you’ve just learned.

The goal is to provide students with a strong foundation, not just theory, not just scripting, but both. At the end of the course you’ll be able to recognize which problems can be solved with Deep Learning, you’ll be able to design and train a variety of Neural Network models and you’ll be able to use cloud computing to speed up training and improve your model’s performance.

Who this course is for:
  • Software engineers who are curious about data science and about the Deep Learning buzz and want to get a better understanding of it
  • Data scientists who are familiar with Machine Learning and want to develop a strong foundational knowledge of deep learning

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Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain

Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain

Build, compose, deploy, and manage Docker containers from development to DevOps based Swarm clusters

Docker Mastery: The Complete Toolset From a Docker Captain
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 12.5 Hours | 6.72 GB
eLearning | Skill level: All Levels


  • No paid software required – Just install your favorite text editor and browser!
  • Local admin access to install Docker for Mac/Windows/Linux.
  • Understand terminal or command prompt basics.
  • Linux basics like shells, SSH, and package managers. (tips included to help newcomers!)
  • Know the basics of creating a server in the cloud (on any provider). (tips included to help newcomers!)
  • Understand the basics of web and database servers. (how they typically communicate, IP’s, ports, etc.)
  • Have a GitHub and Docker Hub account.


Updated Monthly in 2019! Be ready for the Dockerized future with the number ONE Docker course on Udemy. Welcome to the most complete and up-to-date course for learning and using Docker end-to-end, from development and testing, to deployment and production. Taught by an award-winning Docker Captain and DevOps consultant.

Just starting out with Docker? Perfect. This course starts out assuming you’re new to containers.

Or: Using Docker now and need to deal with real-world problems? I’m here for you! See my production topics around Swarm, secrets, logging, rolling upgrades, and more.

BONUS: This course comes with Slack Chat and Live Weekly Q&A with me!

Why should you learn from me? Why trust me to teach you the best ways to use Docker? (Hi, I’m Bret, please allow me to talk about myself for a sec):

  • I’m A Practitioner. Welcome to the real world: I’ve got 20 years of sysadmin and developer experience, over 30 certifications, and have been using Docker and the container ecosystem for my consulting clients and my own companies since Docker’s early days. Learn from someone who’s run hundreds of containers across dozens of projects and organizations.
  • I’m An Educator. Learn from someone who knows how to make a syllabus: I want to help you. People say I’m good at it. For the last few years I’ve trained thousands of people on using Docker in workshops, conferences and meetups. See me teach at events like DockerCon, O’Reilly Velocity, GOTO Conf, and Linux Open Source Summit. I hope you’ll decide to learn with me, and join the fantastic online Docker community.
  • I Lead Communities. Also, I’m a Docker Captain, meaning that Docker Inc. thinks I know a thing or two about Docker and that I do well in sharing it with others. In the real-world: I help run two local meetups in our fabulous tech community in Norfolk/Virginia Beach USA. I help online: usually in Slack and Twitter, where I learn from and help others.


“There are a lot of Docker courses on Udemy — but ignore those, Bret is the single most qualified person to teach you.” – Kevin Griffin, Microsoft MVP

Giving Back: a portion of my profit on this course will be donated to supporting open source and protecting our freedoms online! This course is only made possible by the amazing people creating open source. I’m standing on the shoulders of (open source) giants! Donations will be split between my favorite charities including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Free Software Foundation. Look them up. They’re awesome!

This is a living course, and will be updated as Docker features and workflows change.

This course is designed to be fast at getting you started but also get you deep into the “why” of things. Simply the fastest and best way to learn the latest docker skills. Look at the scope of topics in the Session and see the breadth of skills you will learn.

Also included is a private Slack Chat group for getting help with this course and continuing your Docker and DevOps learning with help from myself and other students.

“Bret’s course is a level above all of those resources, and if you’re struggling to get a handle on Docker, this is the resource you need to invest in.” – Austin Tindle, Course Student

Some of the many cool things you’ll do in this course:

  • Edit web code on your machine while it’s served up in a container
  • Lock down your apps in private networks that only expose necessary ports
  • Create a 3-node Swarm cluster in the cloud
  • Use Virtual IP’s for built-in load balancing in your cluster
  • Optimize your Dockerfiles for faster building and tiny deploys
  • Build/Publish your own custom application images
  • Create your own image registry
  • Use Swarm Secrets to encrypt your environment configs, even on disk
  • Deploy container updates in a rolling always-up design
  • Create the config utopia of a single set of YAML files for local dev, CI testing, and prod cluster deploys
  • And so much more…

After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Use Docker in your daily developer and/or sysadmin roles
  • Make Dockerfiles and Compose files
  • Build multi-node Swarm clusters and deploying H/A containers
  • Build a workflow of using Docker in dev, then test/CI, then production with yaml
  • Protect your keys, TLS certificates, and passwords with encrypted secrets
  • Keep your Dockerfiles and images small, efficient, and fast
  • Develop locally while your code runs in a container
  • Protect important persistent data in volumes and bind mounts
  • Lead your team into the future with the latest Docker container skills!

Extra things that come with this course:

  • Access to the course Slack team, for getting help/advice from me and other students.
  • Bonus videos I put elsewhere like YouTube, linked to from this courses resources.
  • Weekly Live Q&A on YouTube Live.
  • Tons of reference links to supplement this content.
  • Updates to content as Docker changes their features on these topics.
  • Monthly new videos on popular questions from students.
Who this course is for:
  • Software developers, sysadmins, IT pros, and operators at any skill level.
  • Anyone who makes, deploys, or operates software on servers.



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Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) – Udemy course 100% OFF

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Red Hat certification


  • Some basic knowledge and hands on experience with Linux


This course will take the students through lectures and hands-on exercises to eventually gain the knowledge and know-how to take the RHCSA exam. Even if the students are not interested in the certification, they can still take this course to gain the knowledge of a junior level Linux systems administrator.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
  • Students who want to pursue a career in Linux systems administration



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SQL – The Query Writing Bootcamp [2019]

SQL – The Query Writing Bootcamp [2019]

Master SQL and Become Job Ready as a SQL Developer by Working Hands-On Querying a Relational Database – [RDBMS]

SQL – The Query Writing Bootcamp [2019]
English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 9.5 Hours | 5.63 GB
eLearning | Skill level: All Levels


  • Internet access
  • No prerequisites needed for this course


In this course you will learn SQL by working hands on with a Relational Database – [RDBMS]. At the end of this course you will know how to CREATE Tables in a Relational Database [RDBMS], using PRIMARY and FOREIGN Key’s. You will also know how to modify an existing database, to either ALTER or UPDATE the information.

This is a SQL programming course with extensive training and practice exercises. The objective of this course is to teach you SQL, so you are confident and prepared to become a skillful SQL Developer from day one!

  • CREATE a Relation Database Using: Tables, PRIMARY KEYS and FOREIGN KEYS
  • INSERT Data into Tables
  • UPDATE and ALTER Tables
  • RETRIEVE Data from a Relational Database using SQL
  • AGGREGATE Functions
  • PRACTICE Questions in Every Lesson & Hands On Examples
  • MASTER The SQL Language
  • NO Software Download Required!
  • Become Job Ready as a SQL Developer!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone looking to learn SQL and gain practice reading and writing queries within a relational database or pursuing a career as a: SQL Developer, Database Designer, Data Science, or Database Administrator.

1 Introduction
2 ORACLE Live SQL – Registration
3 Lecture 3 Resources

Creating Table Relational Database in SQL
4 How to CREATE a Table in SQL
6 CREATE TABLE Book Challange
7 CREATE Book Table
8 CREATE TABLE Editor Challange
9 CREATE Editor Table
10 CREATE TABLE Rating Challange
11 CREATE Rating Table
12 How To Load The Database in ORACLE Live SQL
13 Section 1 Review CREATE Tables

14 SELECT Statement
16 Practice 1 Solutions
17 Comparison Operators
18 Practice 2 Comparison Operators Solutions
19 AND Operator
20 Practice 3 AND Operator Soultions
21 OR Condition
22 Practice 4 OR Condition Solutions
23 NOT Condition
24 Practice 5 NOT Condition Solutions
25 BETWEEN Condition
26 Practice 6 BETWEEN Condition Solutions
27 LIKE Condition
28 Practice 7 LIKE Condition Solutions
29 Section 2 The SELECT Statement Conclusion

Aggregate Functions Part 1
30 Aggregate Functions Introduction
34 SUM
35 Practice 8 Solutions

Aggregate Functions Part 2 GROUP BY and ORDER BY
36 GROUP BY Aggregate Functions
37 Practice 9 Solutions
38 ORDER BY Aggregate Functions
39 ORDER BY Practice 10 Solutions
40 Aggregate Functions Conclusion

JOINS Aggregate Functions
41 Introduction to JOINs
42 JOIN Lesson One
43 Practice 11 JOINs Lesson One Solution
44 JOINs Lesson Two Practice 12
45 JOINs Lesson Three Practice 13
46 JOINs Lesson Three Practice 13 Solutions
47 JOINs Lesson Four Practice 14
48 JOINs Lesson Four Practice 14 Solution – Query 1
49 JOINs Lesson Four Practice 14 Solution – Query 2
50 JOINs Lesson Four Practice 14 Solution – Query 3 4
51 JOINs Lesson Six Practice 15
52 JOINs Lesson Six Practice 15 Solution – Query 1
53 JOINs Lesson Six Practice 15 Solution – Query 2
54 JOINs Lesson Six Practice 15 Solution – Query 3
55 JOINs Lesson Six Practice 15 Solution – Query 4
56 JOINs Lesson Six Practice 15 Solution – Query 5

Special Features in SQL
57 Aliases
58 Aliases 2
59 Concatenate

Course Conclusion
62 Additional Practice
63 Thank You



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News release trading | FX Trading | Forex | Business – Udemy course 100% OFF

News release trading | FX Trading | Forex | Business

Learn how to trade the news as a business | Online Business trading strategies | Use as a Hobby or business | Family fun


  • There are no requirement to take this course apart from willingness to follow a system precisely.
  • The trader will need to have an internet access
  • The trader will need access to an MT4 platform with a demo or real trading account
  • The trader should be aware that the system has not been tested on MT5 platforms.
  • The trader will need to upload a robot/EA to the trading platform.
  • Full training is provided within this course to all students.
  • Use of an application for real-time news release free for 14 days, $10 per month thereafter
  • Private invitation to an investors Club to access the professional info


There are many ways of trading the news. Straddle is a popular one but we will use the banks’ way instead. It is safer and faster. The banks use 2 ways to trade economic news releases. The first one is HFT, and that stands for High Frequency Trading. It uses high speed computers to trade on millisecond timing. This requires a good financial backbone for the physical structure. The second technique used by the bankers is trading on realtime release. This means that if the news are very good, the banks buy the currency, if the news are very bad, they sell, and if the news are so and so, they do nothing and sometimes react later. Our course is teaching you this method.

We use a real-time economic news release application, available from the website. It has a 14 days free trial and after that, you register for a minimal fee of $10 per month. We have tried to find free ones, but the release is not real-time and lapses into the seconds. That is too late. The banks have already reacted by then. We will set up together a free robot that closes the trade upon reaching a predefined profit that we calculate beforehand. This course shows you how to do that by using a calculator that is included in the course.

You can trade this system with a real account of £200 with a 0.04 lot setup. The best would be to have $1000 capital with 0.2 setup. On $1000, using 0.2 lot, you would be risking around $20 depending on the currency traded. If you go to forex factory website, you will see how many news trades you can do per day. The extreme minimum investment is $50. Trade the forex news as a business.

Who this course is for:
  • Retail traders looking for a new strategy to add to their portfolio
  • People with no trading strategy and willing to use the news as an alternative
  • All who want to trade a different way, using the banks’ trading system



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Learn Beginner Algebra with Examples Udemy course 100% OFF

Master Beginner Algebra with Examples

Learn linear and quadratic equations, cross multiplication and systems of equations


  • Basic arithmetic


Topics covnered – Linear and quadratic equations, cross multiplication, and systems of equations

This beginner level algebra course is designed for students who want to focus on mastering the process of solving algebraic equations like a math guru! I go over plenty of examples in each section along with detailed solution guides, practice questions, quizzes, and notes. Each lecture covers examples in clear detail to help you master algebra problem-solving techniques. I methodically explain the process of solving equations  without rushing to ensure students do not overlook any steps that could lead to confusion. When necessary, I have presented easier shortcuts to help you solve equations quicker.

If you already have the theoretical understanding of algebra terms from in class lectures and books or background, this course is extremely helpful to you. If you are preparing for the GRE, GMAT, GED or other exams, this course has your back in helping you recall steps you might have forgotten.

The six sections of the course include – sufficient examples with detailed solutions; comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to solve equations; additional practice problems and quizzes. I will continually add additional materials which might help you further advance your algebra knowledge. I have enjoyed working on this course and guarantee that it will help you tremendously! You are an important part of the course, I am always ready to assist you. It is a pleasure to have join the course!

Here is what some of my current students have to say about the course:

“Robel does a great job explaining complex concepts in a more detailed manner– which def makes it easier to understand. He provides so many examples and supplemental material. I enjoyed watching the videos when learning new topics as well as reviewing familiar topics. This course certainly helped me master algebra equations through the various examples provided. Highly recommended!” Elle

“This course is easy to follow, clear, and concise. I like how the instructor repeatedly explains every step after performing each step. He doesn’t go to fast, but still keeps a good pace for me to follow along.” Puneet

“I think the courses offered a great pace for learning and refreshing my memory on algebra for my GRE prep. Robel makes sure to clearly give many examples and draw out every step along the way in a speed that is easy to follow. The course is organized from simpler concepts on linear algebra to more complex formulas which is a great way to gain confidence for someone terrified of having to refresh their algebra skills all over again like myself.” Nery

Who this course is for:
  • Students who wish to review introductory algebra
  • Students who prefer to learn through examples
  • Students who want to master question solving techniques at a moderate pace
  • Returning college students who are required to take placement exams
  • Recent high school graduates starting college
  • Students preparing to sit for GRE or GMAT exams
  • Middle school and high school students
  • Students who need to brush-up on beginner algebra to prepare for social science courses
  • Students who need to fulfill basic algebra as a prerequisite
  • Students who returned to school
  • Students preparing to complete the GED



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